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About Us

The Goulds Online started in November of 2012 after a unexpected career change left our family of 6 a little short on income. Since we had 4 kids we thought that maybe we could sell some toys online to make a little extra money.

Our first Christmas season was December of 2012 and we set a goal of selling 50 items, which we hit. Over the next 11 months we tried to figure out how to actually make an online store work and by Christmas of 2013 we felt we had a pretty good handle on it. As such, we set a goal of selling 300 items during the Christmas season. When the dust all settled we actually sold well over 700 items! Though it nearly killed us, and we aren't exactly sure how the kids were fed or made it to school, we realized that this could be a fun family business. 

Now, heading into our 7th year, we have increased our sales every single year. 

Though that is exciting, what is more exciting is that our entire family participates. Our oldest daughter lists new items for us, our next daughter takes the pictures and the two youngest daughters help unpack the inventory shipments and puts them in their proper place. Even our littlest guy helps unload the inventory. Meanwhile, mom manages the entire show. 

This truly is a family run business and we are grateful that you have chosen to shop in our store!